Party conference season

For a few weeks every autumn the news is full of stories from the party conferences of the three main parties – analysis of the leaders speeches (and what they did or maybe didn’t say), rumours of potential leadership bids from political rivals and news pundits trying to ascertain the mood of the conference delegates.

However there is much more to party conference season than the short snippets that get shown on the news. It’s a really important opportunity for us to speak to key decision makers and to talk about the needs of carers.

In September and October Carers Trust’s Policy Team attended the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat Party Conferences in Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow. Continue reading

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Ofsted draws attention to young adult carers

Hi! I’m Chloe, Policy and Campaigns Officer at Carers Trust, focusing on young carers and young adult carers. One of the issues that I work on is the extra challenges for young adult carers planning for their future and looking for work.

Young people have a lot to look forward to and at the same time many hurdles to jump on their way to adulthood. They have to square up to their exams, look after their health, make choices about their future path and think about the job they want to do. Some young people are also carers for a family member or friend. This is a very important person in their life who may need their support because they have a health condition, have dementia, have an addiction to alcohol or drugs or are frail. This raises some extra questions and pressures because those decisions about the future are made in the context of being a young adult carer.

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A panel debate on The Care Bill

The Care Bill aims to put carers on an equal legal footing to those they care for. This is great news for carers. Now that the stages in parliament are nearly over, we start to look at what this all means in practice. Developing the right regulations is a complex job but vital if we want the new law to mean real change for carers.

In February, Carers Trust and GovToday brought together a panel from across local government, parliamentarians, academics, carers and carers organisations to think this through. Norman Lamb, minister for Care and Support, launched the debate by setting out the Government’s commitment to carers. You can see this here.

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Get pledging for the Carers Week quest

This week, all of the organisations involved in Carers Week – including Carers Trust, Carers UK, the MS Society, Age UK and others – went to MP Norman Lamb with Carers Week membersWhitehall to launch the Carers Week quest.  The aim this year is to really focus our minds – not just amongst carers charities, but across the NHS, local authorities and other charities. We need to work together locally as well as nationally because although we know there are around 7 million carers in the UK, the vast majority do not get anything like enough support. Continue reading

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The silent enemy: How PTSD damages our soldiers

Note: The following blog post has been contributed by a guest blogger.

It’s sometimes hard to believe that people still refer to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as ‘shell shock’, and dismiss it as something and nothing.

For those living with the condition on a daily basis this attitude is understandably hurtful, and if you come across anyone who doubts that PTSD is a real thing, the infographic at the end of this post should give them an idea of how devastating it can be…

Do you know, for example, that 40 soldiers died serving in Afghanistan in 2012, but during the same year 50 soldiers and veterans committed suicide?  Although not all of these suicides can necessarily be attributed to PTSD it is known to be one of the possible consequences of the condition if left untreated. Continue reading

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Husband, Dad, Boyfriend, Grandad, Carer?

Our Policy & Campaigns Officer, Kirsty, explains why we have chosen to partner with the Men’s Health Forum on some important new research being undertaken about male carers…

41% of the UK’s carers are men. In older carers (aged over 75) the ratio of male to female carers is virtually equal with 50.4% of carers men, and in the over 85s 59% of carers are male.

Yet here at Carers Trust we often hear from our Network Partners that fewer men than women access their services and that they face challenges setting up male carers support groups. Continue reading

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2013: a year of ups and downs for carers

It’s been quite a year for carers. Ups as well as downs. In the Carers Trust  policy team we’ve been running from one thing to the next, trying to make sure that we cover as much as we can in this ever changing political environment.

This has meant working with other charities and partners as much as possible so that between us, carers’ views are heard and we can achieve the most change we can. Many thanks to all our friends and colleagues in the Carers Trust Network across the UK, The Care and Support Alliance, the National Young Carers Coalitions and local  and  national government, politicians, researchers, and other friends. A special big thanks to Carers UK, the Childrens Society and Barnardos for their partnership and support this year. Together we all achieve more than we ever could on our own. Continue reading

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To the Fighter Jets – A Call to Action!

Carers high res day 2 022If I’m honest when I think of a Call to Action, I think of the scene in Independence Day (1996) where the President of the USA is getting everyone geared up to fight back against the alien invasion. Before you get chance to say it – yes I am a nerd.

But now, calls to action are everywhere, I see them everywhere – and now I’m involved in one!

Carers Trust has been part of the Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) for a few years now. Last year, carers and carers’ organisations involved raised the need for the DAA to act more actively on behalf of carers of people with dementia. Continue reading

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The start of a better future for young carers

You might not have noticed it as it came and went, but yesterday, Monday the 18 November 2013, was a historic day for young carers in England.

As you might have seen in a previous blog, the work we have been doing to ensure young carers have their rights recognised in law has finally paid off. Following the statement from the Secretary of State, the Government put forward an amendment to the Children and Families Bill that will mean young carers , on the appearance of need, will have a right to assessment and to having their needs met. This is an enormous step forward. The amendment was debated last week, and technically, it passed on Monday. The law, we expect, will be passed in full in the New Year, and will come into force in 2015. For the first time, in law, young carers will be recognised. Continue reading

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Care o’Clock: Young carers’ Q&A with Robert Buckland MP

As part of our Care o’ Clock campaign to help raise awareness about the issues faced by young adult carers, young carers from Swindon Carers Centre recently put some questions forward to their MP Robert Buckland, to give him the opportunity to tell us about why he thinks young carers and young adult carers should be supported and what can be done to make a positive difference to their lives.

Robert Buckland MP has been working with Carers Trust to help ensure that the Government changes the law for young carers so that they stronger rights to assessment and support.

Young carers: What do you think are the biggest issues for young carers and their families in your area (Swindon) and across the country?

Robert Buckland MP: The recognition of their needs is the most important issue facing young carers and families in England. We know that the official number of young carers is only the tip of the iceberg because many are not identified, let alone receive the support that they need. Continue reading

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