The Carers (Scotland) Bill

In March this year, the Scottish Government introduced the Carers (Scotland) Bill. It’s been a long time coming – first announced in Autumn 2013, an extensive public consultation took place to look at what was required from a Bill for carers and how it would interact with other pieces of Scottish legislation. And of course, this was all done with one eye on the Care Act – seeing what was happening elsewhere in the UK, what we could learn from the process of the development of the Care Act and what carers wanted to do differently in Scotland. Continue reading

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Carers are still not getting the financial backing they need and deserve

Whenever Carers Trust meets with politicians there’s one clear message that we always try to communicate: by investing in carers you’re investing in the wellbeing of society.

7 million unpaid carers across the UK are looking after friends and family – people who would otherwise be dependent on the NHS or social care for help or, worse, have to go without support altogether. Continue reading

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Better Care for Carers – just a concept?

I’ve yet to come across anyone who would disagree with the concept of joining up health and social care. Who would? No one would want to experience being passed from pillar to post, navigating a complex health and social care system, dealing with department after department, repeating themselves time after time, all under a siege silo mentality. Clearly it would be bad for service users, carers and those who work across health and social care, wouldn’t it? Sadly though, joined up health and social care has long just been a concept. Continue reading

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Building a Carer Friendly Community

It’s Carers Week! For those of you who are carers and work with carers, it’s a good opportunity to raise awareness of carers and their needs; a chance to raise funds, promote local services and link with people who are caring but don’t know that there is support out there for them. Continue reading

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Putting young adult carers On the Map

There are 375,000 young adult carers in the UK but how many get information about what is out there to support them?

The answer is we don’t know. No one collects the information. With your help Carers Trust is changing that and putting young adult carers On the Map. Continue reading

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Queen’s Speech: How did it affect carers?

This week, and with a great deal of pomp and ceremony, the Queen delivered her speech to parliament. This is a really important moment in the political calendar. It’s when we get to hear what the government plans to do for the coming year. For Carers Trust, our instant thoughts on hearing the speech are: “How will these plans affect carers?” and “What should we do about it?” Continue reading

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Remember carers in Dementia Awareness week

This week is Dementia Awareness week and carers of people with dementia, will I hope feature prominently. It is often said that when a diagnosis of dementia is given, it is given to the whole family. Dementia is a complex, unpredictable progressive condition, which affects 850,000 people in the UK. One third of people with dementia are cared for in their own homes by a family member or friend. If, as the Prime Minsters challenge on dementia intends, Britain it to be a leading county in the field of dementia, if we cannot afford to leave out this extremely important group of people. Continue reading

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Regulation and Inspection in Wales: Too far or not far enough?

Although it’s a certain election on 7 May that’s getting the headlines, the business of government carries on in Wales with big changes to social care in Wales currently making their way through the National Assembly for Wales. Continue reading

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New Government, new MPs – what next for carers?

It’s fair to say that the general election result was as much of a surprise to us at Carers Trust as it was to everyone else, including the Conservative party. We were all set to fire off briefings to those brokering potential coalitions, asking them to prioritise social care, but none of that turned out to be needed.

So now we are taking stock. Continue reading

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Carers: your vote counts!

Our aim at Carers Trust is to influence government policy so that it reflects the needs, concerns, and aspirations of the UK’s 7 million carers.

Today, you can help us take a major step towards achieving that goal.

Voters are going to the polls in one of the closest general elections in decades. No one is quite sure what the outcome will be.

That means every vote is going to count. Continue reading

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