Give carers the support they deserve

Labour MP for Mansfield, Alan Meale

Labour MP for Mansfield, Alan Meale, explained that we do have the choice to spend money on carers

I returned from holiday to be greeted by the news that the busiest month for people reading my blog was the very month that my blog was written by other people. It’s good to know when you’re missed…

But, I guess this is a good thing. It takes a village afterall and it’s always worth listening to other people’s points of view.

I heard quite a few of these voices today at a protest outside Parliament where carers handed a petition into 10 Downing Street.

The gathered protesters were calling for Carer’s Allowance to be increased and for carers to receive that allowance on top of other benefits they may qualify for – such as the State Pension.

Carers were then given a chance to raise issues with and question a few MPs. Two things struck me: first, there were a number of carers who said that this was the first time that they had ever been involved in any protest; and second, other carers spoke of losing their patience in waiting for change. This indicates to me that carers are and will become more vociferous in demanding more support.

Labour MP for Mansfield, Alan Meale, sensed this and said that carers had suffered because they had not made as much noise or shown as much anger as other groups. He said it was time that carers did make themselves heard and should demand change from politicians. With refreshing clarity, he explained that despite the government’s finances we do have a choice; we can choose to spend money on carers rather than in other areas.

There are many voices out there for carers. There are national charities, local organisations and web forums like the one who organised today’s protest and also the popular Chill4UsCarers. They all give voices to carers who otherwise may be silent.

This multitude of voices will have many issues and ideas, which should be welcomed as we all strive to give voice to that one simple demand that is blindingly clear to all: give carers the support they need and deserve.

Take care and take voice, now is the time,


PS. Carers UK are writing a letter to the next Prime Minister asking him to deliver a better deal for carers. You can add your signature here.


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  1. thank you for your positive comments on yesterday’s Protest.

    Comment by Jean Milne | March 4, 2010 | Reply

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