Good Practice in Carer Support

As you may have read in an earlier blog, my boss, Alex Fox is leaving after 10 years of working for carers. In his blog he recounts the progress made in terms of recognition and understanding carers’ issues. What he missed out was the role that he played in bringing this about. Make no doubt about it, there are carers and families who will never know, meet or even hear of him, but there will be many whose lives have been improved because of him.

Individuals can and do make a difference. There are still many issues facing carers and there are still many carers struggling without any help whatsoever but there are also some whose lives have been improved because others have taken action.

For a few years now we’ve been working with the Royal College of GPs (RCGP) to increase GP awareness of carers’ issues. It’s obvious that not every GP in the UK fully understands how they can help carers, but we have been receiving examples of huge improvements. It is clear that some carers’ lives have been changed because a GP has stepped in to help.

To recognise this and to highlight to GPs who are maybe not fully engaged what can be achieved, we have launched a Caring about Carers award with the RCGP. This is a chance for carers and families who feel their GP has made a difference to recognise this and highlighting these successes will hopefully encourage others to try too.

The closing date for nominations is 11th June 2010 and covers the whole of the UK, with an award for each nation. You can nominate a GP or a whole practice team for an award. You can find more information about nominating your GP here. Also, read what the Chairman of RCGP has to say about improving NHS GPs quality of support towards carers.

And just one last comment. Who do you think was responsible for setting up the partnership with the RCGP to push carers as a group so that GPs should do more to support? Yep, we’ll miss him.

Take care Alex


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