The Future of Health Care in England

I have changed Andrew Lansley’s mind on the NHS White Paper; single-handedly and with only one simple question. Devastating.

You may be asking how you have not read about this in the papers or heard it on the news, when this is obviously such mammoth news. Well, what I changed his mind on may not actually be so mammoth.

Andrew LansleyLansley proposes in the White Paper that local authorities will be able to commission Health Watch to provide information, advice and advocacy for patients regarding health care. Health Watch will replace Local Involvement Networks (LINks). No mention was made of local authorities being able to commission other organisations to do this.

I think that local authorities should be able to commission whoever they want and it may be other organisations are better placed in the community, and it may be more effective to fund more than one organisation to provide these services. So, this is what I asked him at a conference in July.

He said it was a good question and one he hadn’t thought about so he would.

At the Conservative conference, Andrew Lansley was at a reception we jointly hosted and I ended up speaking to him briefly. So I recounted our exchange in July and wondered if he had come to any thoughts on this. He said that yes and that they would be advising local authorities to commission whoever they thought was best placed to deliver information, advice and advocacy and that funding more than one organisations would give patients choice.

So, that was that – I had changed Government policy on the future of health care in England. I don’t think it’s one that will make Newsnight, but if it means that carers can get good information and advice because our Carers’ Centres and local Crossroads Care can get funding to provide this, then it will hopefully be at least a small positive.

Enjoy it while you can I guess



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  1. It would be even better to just keep a record of Carers by law and give the money directly to them. Cut out all these middle men!

    Comment by ians12 | October 29, 2010 | Reply

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