Preventing Crisis for Scotland’s Carers

Note: This is the first of a three-part blog post from Lynn Williams the Policy Officer at The Princess Royal Trust for Carers. The blog post talks about a recently published Moffat Report, its need and its findings.

So the awful cold weather continues, and the country prepares for the next onslaught of snow and arctic weather.

Yet in homes across the country, unpaid carers continue to provide support to family members despite the cold weather – they battle ice and frost to get out to buy food and to get their loved ones to hospital and doctor’s appointments; they keep the heating on because the person they look after needs to keep warm; they do what they can to ensure the person they support has the best quality of life possible even when mother nature works against them!!

Throughout the political ‘fallout’ over the Government’s response to last week’s chaos, there was very little recognition or acknowledgement of the wider impact of this awful weather on families and unpaid carers.

What it means is that many of the people who could not live without unpaid care are more likely to go into hospital.  Carers may be thrust into an intensive caring role for the first time as family members are hospitalised. Cold weather brings more falls, breaks, ill health; it can exacerbate long term conditions. That creates new carers and puts increased pressure on existing unpaid carers and young carers.

Despite government commitments, policies and strategies, the support that unpaid carers themselves receive in these situations remains a real postcode lottery. Disconnections between hospital and community care still exist; planning for discharge once a loved one gets better is pretty much hit and miss and the chances of the main carer being involved in that process are non existent in some areas. The current and impending cuts in social care services will only make this situation worse.

…Keep a look out for Part II of this blog post “The answer in the Moffat report”…


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  1. […] Note: This is the second of a three-part blog post by Lynn Williams, the Policy Officer in the Glasgow office at The Princess Royal Trust for Carers. The first part of the blog post talked about the changing weather and the problems for Scotland carers. […]

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