Carers do meet the social care needs

You may have seen media reports last week about 800,000 people not getting help with social care. This was based on an Age UK report that estimated there were 2 million older people in England with care related needs and 800,000 of these were not getting formal support from public or private agencies.

The widespread media reports implied that there were 800,000 people whose needs were not being met and levels of ‘unmet’ need is a cause for concern amongst politicians and decision makers. Of course, one of the biggest worries has been that if people are not being supported by councils or other agencies, then how do you know how many of them are there? This is a problem facing the Dilnot Commission which is considering the future funding of social care in England.

The answer of course lies with carers. Because we survey who is providing care, then you can work out how many people have care and support needs.

Going from the census 2001 and last year’s household survey, there are approximately 4.8m people providing care in England. The household survey found 37% were sole carers and 63% were sharing it with another person. This would equal approximately 3.2m people with care and support needs being supported by carers in England alone. Plus, there would be adults being cared for by young carers that were underestimated in the census and not covered by the household survey.

It is not that needs are going unmet, they are being met, just not by people who are paid to do so. The vast majority of need is being met by carers. They are the ones who are there when social services or private care agencies are not.

When we launched our Give Carers a Break campaign, Peter Hay, President of Association of Directors of Adult Social Services addressed the politicians and carers involved. He said that because it is carers who are the first ones providing care and we rely on them so much, then the NHS’s £400m for carers has to be spent on carers and prioritised first ahead of other needs.

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PS: Carers need continued support. Don’t forget to tune-in to BBC Lifeline’s appeal for carers on BBC One on June 19th at 4:45 pm (if you are in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) and 5:15 (if in Scotland). Please do spread the word.


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  1. Another government commission to tell the goverernment and the country what it already knows and has known for some time. In my 25 years as a CARER yes much has changed and for the better but IT IS NOT AND NOWHERE ENOUGH, as long as our politcal rulers and the nation bekeive it can get CARING on the cheap.
    The realisation that many CARERS continue on there OWN AND WITHOUT SUPPORT is hardly a suprise to other CARERS but as usually mp,s and ministers are ignorant.This is no accidental ignorance it is diliberate and with purpose,this purpose is to get a care service on the cheap and/or with no cost at all.

    BUT !!!!!!
    there is a cost to the CARERS of this country as there lives are being spent without CARE THOUGHT CONSIDERATION for the consequences.
    We hear much lately of the govrerments determination to have a new covenant with military personel returning home from the battlefield DISABLED,you soldiers are in for a shock the only REAL SUPPORT YOU WILL GET WILL BE FROM AN ORDINARY CARER, one of an army of 6 million UNPAID UNNOTICED AND FREQUENTLY IGNORED.

    Comment by Taras Kurylak | June 7, 2011 | Reply

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