Prime Minister celebrates Carers Week

Note: The following post is from Beryl Cross, Head of Operations at The Princess Royal Trust for Carers

The Prime Minister hosted a reception for about 150 carers at 10 Downing Street yesterday to celebrate Carers’ Week. I Number 10was there with carers and staff from our Carers’ Centres. You had to be very brave to fight through the melee to get to the Prime Minister, or in Louise’s case perhaps have someone like me to push you in the back to make you do so.

Louise is a young carers who is supported by our Bromley Carers’ Centre, and she gave David Cameron a letter she had written explaining her experience and ideas for supporting young carers.  Moira Fraser, our Director of Policy, was also straight in there, highlighting to David Cameron the need for government to take action on getting NHS money for carers breaks delivered to carers and raising our Give Carers a Break campaign. And it seemed to work as in his speech later in the evening the Prime Minister said the government should “follow through” on getting Primary Care Trusts to use that breaks money for carers.

He also made reference to his own experience as a carer for his son and he gave “a huge thank you” to the carers there for what they do. There were many other Ministers there including Nick Clegg MP, Paul Burstow MP (Minister for Care Services) and Steve Webb MP (Minister for Pensions), plus Tony Baldry MP co-chair the Parliamentary Group on Carers and other MPs who have supported carers in Parliament. They also recognised the massive contribution made by carers.

Jack Dromey MP also asked the Prime Minister about carers during Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday to which the PM responded:

“Everyone in the House should welcome the fact that it is carers week. I will be having a reception in No. 10 tonight to celebrate carers week with many people who take part and who are carers. This Government are putting in £400 million to give carers more breaks and £800 million specifically to make sure that those looking after disabled children get regular breaks.”




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  1. These damned politicians . They talk and talk and talk .Garbage – spouters , who care only for themselves .They are as trustworthy as bankers .I despise them all . Carers allowance needs to be doubled NOW, not next year . We save this country billions , yet get NOTHING in return . I say nothing because I regard carers allowance as nothing , just an insult .Get it sorted , you damned politicians .

    Comment by Red Dave | June 18, 2011 | Reply

  2. I would add that the local council in my area ,Salford , have just announced cuts of over £250,000 in Carers support . A truly despicable act by what must rate as the most inept council in Britain . I can already hear the blustering – windbag bastards bleating how it’s the fault of the Government , and not them .TRULY DESPICABLE .

    Comment by Red Dave | June 18, 2011 | Reply

  3. I’m a single parent with my mentally disabled son, for the last 23 years since the wife disappeared with her boss. Always managed to continue working, until his last few months with my own health failing, plus the latest round of cuts with regards daycentre transport has made it even more difficult. On top of that I’ve now got ATOS assessments, which going by my last one, will be a pack of lies by a Government backed, French, profit driven IT company. All designed to reduce the income of people who aren’t members of the wealthiest tax avoiding puppet masters of our politicians. Eton rifles Eton rifles. Now who sang that?

    Comment by M Norris | June 12, 2013 | Reply

  4. The Government put me out of work, and every politician I speak to refuses to answer any questions.
    Why was my previous post deleted?

    Comment by M Norris | June 13, 2013 | Reply

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