You’re in for a surprise!

I promise that I have an exciting side to me, but I love statistics. Even if statistics don’t provide the whole answer, they usually at lease signal the questions that need to be answered.

Good research can often challenge preconceptions and change what people think. They can challenge what we unquestioningly hold to be ‘common sense’.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre produce huge amounts of statistics on virtually everything related to health and social care, and I love them for it. They have recently released two sets of statistics that I think would surprise many people, and many even challenge our preconceptions.

So I want to put this to the test. Click on what you think is the right answer to the questions below and we will see what people think. Then on Wednesday 14th December, I’ll post the correct answers on this blog and we can compare reality versus what people think.

Trust me – it will be exciting!

These results are for people in England receiving social care support during between 1st April 2010 – 31 March 2011.

So, these questions look at what people who use social care think about it. But what about …

Which one do you think is the correct total?

And finally…

I hope you’re sharing my love of statistics, and I promise my post looking at the real results and what they mean on 14th December will be worth it!




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  1. I assume in all cases it is the worst possible scenario given the communication on the PRTC chatroom. What percentage of carers take their own lives in despair? Or die early as a result of neglect and lack of support?

    Comment by Karen | December 9, 2011 | Reply

    • Hi Karen
      I’ve posted the results at:

      They show the opposite of what most people think. However, there are two things to bear in mind. The first thing is that fethe survey is of people who get social care support – not those who don’t and I’m sure you would get very different answers from them. And this might actually be a problem. Fewer people are getting support so those who are getting support are getting more support (well up to 2010/11) so you would expect satisfaction rates to be decent.

      The other thing, which I will try to go into more detail on when we publish the results is that the satisfaction of carers with services they or the person they care for receive is lower than that reported by service users.

      Regarding your point about ill health caused by caring – see chapter 3 of Supporting Carers; the Case for Change

      A four year study of 392 carers and 427 non-carers aged 66-92, which found that carers who were reporting feelings of strain had a 63% higher likelihood of death in that period than non-carers or carers not reporting strain.

      The fact that caring makes it more likely you suffer premature death is obviously as serious as you can get.

      Comment by Gordon Conochie | December 14, 2011 | Reply

  2. […] results are in! In my last post, I asked people to answer five questions about social care in England because I had a hunch that […]

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