How my life has changed since…

Before explaining where I’m going after nearly 2.5 years of these blogs, I feel that I should tell you where I’ve come from and how I got here.

My parents grew up in Glasgow but moved to Perth, Scotland, before I was born. When I was ten or so, neighbours of my parent’s lifelong friends moved from Glasgow to Perth and we met them a few times but didn’t really see the Craigs that much.

A few years later in Toronto airport on the way back from our last family holiday, I told Dad that we were going to the bar where, of course, we bumped into the Craigs. We chatted and they told me to get in touch as they had a flat that I could rent in Glasgow where I was going to university. And so they became my landlords.

After university, I was working for a utility company in Perth without much purpose. It was then that Mr Craig, a Trustee of Perth & Kinross Carers’ Centre, approached me. A few months later, I began working as the press, funding and marketing officer for the Carers’ Centre.

I learnt so much during my two years there, professionally and personally, and then moved to manage a national fundraising team for The Princess Royal Trust for Carers.  After a couple of years, I moved down to London to become the charity’s policy officer and these blogs started mysteriously appearing.

However, for over three years I have been living in London whilst my girlfriend has been living in Perth, Scotland and we thought it would be good to live a little bit closer together. We had two ideas; Scotland or somewhere else.

Well, it seems that somewhere else got there first and in early February we fly out to Cambodia for 2 years. Through VSO, I’ll be working on educational policy for a group of charities there.

My life has changed because we bumped into the Craigs in Toronto airport, and it has continued to be shaped by some of the inspiring carers that I’ve met since. It has been my privilege to work for them. I am also aware that whilst I leave this job, and leave working for carers, there are many carers who do not have the choices and opportunities that I enjoy as illustrated by our Who Cares? application. It is these people who I feel that I have let down on occasion and am sorry to be leaving them.

This is not yet goodbye as there will be more posts before I leave late January and over the blog to my Director of Policy, Moira Fraser who has blogged here before. But as it is carers who I ultimately work for, I felt as though I should at least hand in my notice.

Thank you, and take good care



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  1. Isn’t it funny how ‘coincidences’ can shape our lives and change our directions in life?
    Personally I don’t believe in ‘coincidences’ – everything happens for a reason… just like you bumping into the Craigs changed your direction and resulted in you helping so many people! Now you’re changing direction again to help even more people… Wow!
    Thank you for all you have done for carers Gordon!
    Wishing you all the best in your new chapter!!
    Good luck!
    Thank you!
    Victoria. x

    Comment by caitlinswish | December 21, 2011 | Reply

  2. Good luck to both of you Gordon. You have done a great job for carers and kept in touch with so many of us. You have listened and used your experience to get carers noticed by the government.
    We will look forward to hearing about your new adventures on your new ‘caring’ role but remember you will be missed here in the UK.
    Thank you.

    Comment by wendy (@Chill4usCarers) | January 6, 2012 | Reply

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