The Big Day approaches

On the first of April, The Princess Royal Trust for Carers and Crossroads Care  – two proud organisations who between their networks support hundreds of thousands of carers across the UK, will merge to become one – Carers Trust.  For the last few weeks, in my quieter moments  I have found myself humming strains  of The Spice Girls … “When two become oooone…..”. I have however  refrained  from donning my Ginger Spice outfit, you’ll be pleased to know.

It’s been a big job. Merging charities is no small deal. The number of legal complexities and things you never even knew   needed sorting out has been immense, as well as  consulting Carers Centres, Crossroads schemes and carers on how it will all work. Well done to our project managers and legal and financial eagles for getting us this far – it’s too important to get anything wrong. The merger is at a national level, and locally Carers Centres and Crossroads schemes will stay separate organisations as they are now, although many do work closely together.

From my immediate point of view, the pluses are evident.  Firstly there’s the benefit of not taking 10 minutes to introduce myself at meetings  – “Hello I’m Moira Fraser and I’m director of policy at The Princess Royal Trust for Carers and I’m also here on behalf of Crossroads Care” is a bit  of a mouthful.  But more importantly, when I sit at the table with Ministers  and  MPs the bigger and more cohesive our voice is, the better we will be heard. Our two organisations have worked very closely and successfully  together for years on policy and campaigning issues like carers breaks, and this is the next step in our positive relationship which will help us hit even harder with our messages to politicians and decision makers.

I know many will be sad to lose the brands of the charities we have known  for many years – I have been proud to work for The Princess Royal Trust for Carers and  I know my colleagues feel the same, about both organisations . Very happily The Princess Royal will continue to be a strong presence, and she’s absolutely behind the merger because of the most important thing – it gives us a louder voice and it builds a stronger organisation for carers.

It’s going to be a hectic week and I’m going to enjoy one or two more opportunities to take 10 minutes to introduce myself at meetings. But as of next week I’m going to be just as proud to introduce myself as policy director of Carers Trust. Here’s to an exciting future,  one where  we use our combined strengths and passion  to work towards making  sure carers get the support they need.


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