Triangle of Care: inspiring carer involvement in mental health standards

proxy.storify.comIt feels sometimes like I live, sleep and eat the Triangle of Care, as the project which I lead on nationally goes from strength to strength.

For those who haven’t heard of the Triangle of Care this is a set of standards establishing a therapeutic alliance between the mental health professionals, the carer(s) and the service user(s).

Over the past two years Carers Trust has held regional events in all parts of England, given presentations, developed leaflets, promoted the project to MPs and set up a membership scheme that mental health providers can join.

As we enter my third year of working on Triangle of Care we have got 48 mental health trusts involved in the project and 11 of them have signed up to the membership scheme.

With so many professionals, carers and third sector organisations involved in the project across England (and now I’m delighted to say Scotland) I felt it was important to offer them an opportunity to come together and share their knowledge, ask questions, find out what is working in different areas, share their challenges and most importantly their successes.

Last week we held a two day event in Manchester to offer this opportunity. Over 100 people attended the event which – even if I say so myself – was a huge success; we even had a waiting list, the event was so popular!

The two days packed a lot in – we had presentations from Network Partners who have worked together with their statutory mental health provider to drive forward the Triangle of Care and another from mental health providers talking about their journey to carer involvement and joining the Triangle of Care scheme.

We had a presentation from a carer involved the Triangle of Care implementation in Sussex and spoke positively about including service users in this work; demonstrating the Triangle of Care in action. In addition we had an inspiring presentation about implementing the Triangle of Care in a high secure setting – which I believe shows if you can do it there you can do it anywhere.

As I live and breathe Triangle of Care it is sometimes easy to underestimate the extent of the work that is taking place across England and how passionate people are about the standards of the Triangle of Care and trying to ensure that carers are involved and supported in mental health care.

I hope those who attended will be able to go back to their organisations and localities re-inspired and re-invigorated to work to ensure carers are included and supported and ultimately I hope that this is another step towards a cultural shift in how carers of people with serious mental health problems are included and supported by mental health services.

Were you at our Triangle of Care event? Share your feedback in the comments below. If you weren’t there, you can catch up with highlights of the event from Twitter via our #Triangleofcare Storify.


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