Get pledging for the Carers Week quest

This week, all of the organisations involved in Carers Week – including Carers Trust, Carers UK, the MS Society, Age UK and others – went to MP Norman Lamb with Carers Week membersWhitehall to launch the Carers Week quest.  The aim this year is to really focus our minds – not just amongst carers charities, but across the NHS, local authorities and other charities. We need to work together locally as well as nationally because although we know there are around 7 million carers in the UK, the vast majority do not get anything like enough support.

Carers Trust, through our fantastic network of local organisations, reaches around 460000 carers, and that’s a great achievement, but we need to do more. Our goal over the next few years is to reach further, using all the means available to us. Some carers will be able to get direct support locally, whilst some will be ablel to use online support or information sources. It’s all got to be about what works best for each carer.

However, many people still just don’t realise they are a carer. This is where Carers Week comes into its own. Through the work done to get carers issues in the media nationally as well as locally , hopefully people who are carers will  realise that the role they are undertaking is incredibly valuable, and there is support there. I know things are difficult, and sometimes not all problems can be solved – especially if carers are struggling on low incomes and with cuts in services –  but all carers should be able to get advice on getting as much support as is possible.

Carers Week 2014  is on the 9-15 June, and we’re asking individuals and local to make pledges on what you will do to support carers in the run up  this Carers Week. Carers Trust pledges to reach more carers than ever before to ensure they get the support they need. This year, we’re delighted that for the first time Carers Week is going to include a young carers awareness day on Friday 13 June, where schools, colleges and youth organisations can get young people involved in thinking about young carers and supporting them to fulfil their potential. This is a really exciting development and we are proud to be leading it.

So what will you do for carers?  Get pledging! 


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  2. Carers are state exploited conscripted slaves and sooner people start to acknowledge the truth of our destitution poverty and betrayal of our very basic human rights the more civilized the better.
    What country and its people call us benefit scroungers throw our beloved nhs family member to our care and neither backs us lone in house nursing service with help or survive care role or own life as or nurse not left to cover their patients tax increase as counted 2nd income.c.a. Not counted as income but dwp and taxed it is.ask yourself would you survive no rest and fifty quid approx. To pay all utilitys. Daily living.wake up ask for justice 4 carers end this hell while we provide love n care to person medically prescibed the need to be cared for

    eleven yrs i struggled unsuccessfully to get assessments it was state torture trying to achieve those years my modest mortgage was never contributed to no wage replacement but meagre carer allowance ending at £59 per week.sounds a lot if u didnt work 24/7/365/nil days of/every care yr.carers treated with less respect than foreigners unemployed carer family makers with non earner input.rents paid 800-1200pm but no discrimination served and benefit cuts.carer allowance deducted and counted as overlapping benefit when sadly person cared for status then taxed and lose more.

    Comment by jo procter | February 23, 2014 | Reply

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