Putting young adult carers On the Map

There are 375,000 young adult carers in the UK but how many get information about what is out there to support them?

The answer is we don’t know. No one collects the information. With your help Carers Trust is changing that and putting young adult carers On the Map.

In one word this is about identification. It isn’t a complicated process. It is about the council making sure that the services in a local area are regularly checking in with young people to ask if they have a caring role. If they find out that someone may be a young adult carer they need to tell them that support is available for them and direct them to it.

identifiedIt is important we find out what is happening because there have been some good changes recently that young adult carers should be able to benefit from if they know about them. There are stronger rights for young adult carers in England so they can get a chance to tell their council what support they need. In Wales councils and health boards need to make sure young carers get information. In Scotland the 2010 Getting it Right for Young Carers strategy and recent legislation mean that local areas should be set up to support young carers and young adult carers. In Northern Ireland the new local planning duty for councils is a great opportunity for action to identify young adult carers and signpost them for support. Across the UK recognition and support is increasing but young adult carers will not benefit if they are not connected up with the sources of support.

Policy makers are increasingly listening to young adult carers when they say how public services need to change to support them better. So right now those who do not know they can call themselves a young adult carer and ask for help are missing out even more.

We don’t know what is happening in local areas. Anecdotally we know of lots of great initiatives but is this the case everywhere?

This campaign is about finding out what the situation is across the UK. It is also about getting more people with key roles in local councils to understand why identifying young adult carers is so important.

Carers Trust is campaigning for young adult carers’ voices to be heard by decision makers. Most areas still lack specific services and without this expertise there is often no one in the area pushing for the identification of young adult carers.

That is why we are asking for you to be the person calling for more identification of young adult carers.

By taking part in the online action to email the key person in your local council who can improve identification for young adult carers you can make a different. Together we can say we want young adult carer identification On the Map.

Please take the campaign action when we launch the On the Map campaign on 1 June.

Chloe Alexander is Policy and Campaigns Officer (Young Carers and Young Adult Carers) at Carers Trust




June 1, 2015 - Posted by | Carer identification, Young adult carers


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