Mapping support for young adult carers

People across the country have told their council that the identification of young adult carers is an important local issue. Hundreds of people have got involved in the Carers Trust On the Map e-action. Local citizens are contacting their council. This has got a great response from councils so that we can start to map what is happening across the UK to identify and support young adult carers.

onthemapimageblockA high number of the people campaigning and adding their voice are young adult carers themselves. They’ve taken this chance to make the point that identification of young people with caring responsibilities is important. Without this too many will lack information and lack support- isolated they face extra barriers to education, employment and being healthy. Identification has been a theme running through the Time to be Heard campaign, a big three year project funded by Co-operative Charity of the Year to make sure that young adult carers are heard by decisions-makers and shape the policies that affect them. A survey of nearly 300 young adult carers found that only 22% had been assessed for their support needs by the council. In education a significant minority of young adult carers had not told a teacher about their caring role (35% in school and 25% in college or university). Young adult carers are calling on councils to working with other organisations who together can identify all young adult carers- health services and education in particular. This campaign has been shaped by young adult carers and they are taking this chance to get their voices heard locally.

On the other hand a lot of people who are getting involved are not young adult carers but they can see how important this issue is. It is about social justice and holding councils to account for addressing the needs of groups that are disadvantaged without the right kind of support. It is not just up to young adult carers to explain who they are and why they matter, but as these campaigners show, their right to support is something that others should care about too.

Chloe Alexander is Policy and Campaigns Officer (Young Carers and Young Adult Carers) at Carers Trust.


August 11, 2015 - Posted by | Young adult carers

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