Finding and staying in work – not an easy job

Finding a job is not easy for anyone. Once you’ve had a think about what you would like to do, completed various online personality tests on what job would suit you best and asked everyone you know what they think, you get to the task of actually searching for work. Then you have to decide where’s best to look – online, in newspapers, through friends and family, maybe contact a recruitment agency?

Amidst all of this you must start writing a CV, covering letters and completing application forms – and of course, all jobs are different and expect different things during the application process.

Young adult carers find an added dimension of difficulty when navigating the world of employment. They must work out how to balance a job with their caring role, consider the impacts this will have on the person they care for and decide whether to tell employers about their personal situation.

Carers Trust research found that almost 90% of young adult carers felt that they had not received good careers advice at school and that the advice did not take into account their caring role.

At the beginning of February we ran a consultation event with 22 young adult carers from across the Carers Trust Network to learn more about their experiences of employment. We heard some really interesting and personal accounts of barriers young adult carers have faced in accessing and staying in work – as well as some very positive stories. Hearing more about barriers and working through solutions with the young adult carers, support workers and employers we were reminded just how many skills young adult carers can offer employers.

Young adult carers should have greater confidence in their skills, knowledge and experience when entering their job search.

Carers Trusts new handbook ‘Getting into Work: a guide for young adult carers in England’ should help to give young adult carers this added confidence when looking for and when in work. The resource explores:

  • How to include the skills gained from caring in job applications;
  • Interview tips;
  • How to speak to employers about being a young adult carer;
  • Employment policies, including how to request flexible working.

Read the guide online

Rachel Harris, Carers Trust Policy Team




March 31, 2016 - Posted by | Employment, Young adult carers

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