Ask the Chancellor to invest in care workers!

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Making sure that care workers are paid a decent wage for the invaluable work they do is a vital cause.

Only this year research from the Resolution Foundation discovered that more than 1 in 10 care workers are being paid below the minimum wage of £6.50 per hour.

This is hardly a reflection of the incredible and essential work that they do. They deserve much, much better.

That is why Carers Trust welcomed the announcement made by the Chancellor in his recent budget that, as of April 2016, all care workers will be paid a new compulsory Living Wage of £7.20 per hour. Continue reading


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Carers are still not getting the financial backing they need and deserve

Whenever Carers Trust meets with politicians there’s one clear message that we always try to communicate: by investing in carers you’re investing in the wellbeing of society.

7 million unpaid carers across the UK are looking after friends and family – people who would otherwise be dependent on the NHS or social care for help or, worse, have to go without support altogether. Continue reading

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Better Care for Carers – just a concept?

I’ve yet to come across anyone who would disagree with the concept of joining up health and social care. Who would? No one would want to experience being passed from pillar to post, navigating a complex health and social care system, dealing with department after department, repeating themselves time after time, all under a siege silo mentality. Clearly it would be bad for service users, carers and those who work across health and social care, wouldn’t it? Sadly though, joined up health and social care has long just been a concept. Continue reading

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New Government, new MPs – what next for carers?

It’s fair to say that the general election result was as much of a surprise to us at Carers Trust as it was to everyone else, including the Conservative party. We were all set to fire off briefings to those brokering potential coalitions, asking them to prioritise social care, but none of that turned out to be needed.

So now we are taking stock. Continue reading

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Party conference season

For a few weeks every autumn the news is full of stories from the party conferences of the three main parties – analysis of the leaders speeches (and what they did or maybe didn’t say), rumours of potential leadership bids from political rivals and news pundits trying to ascertain the mood of the conference delegates.

However there is much more to party conference season than the short snippets that get shown on the news. It’s a really important opportunity for us to speak to key decision makers and to talk about the needs of carers.

In September and October Carers Trust’s Policy Team attended the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat Party Conferences in Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow. Continue reading

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Value is not in the money but its greater impact

Robert Kennedy once said that economics often counts the wrong things meaning that we fail to understand the true value of some things, like the health of our children.

Regarding the value of public and charitable services, Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis is designed to overcome this problem. For instance, when calculating the value of what a Carers’ Centre does you include the benefits to the wellbeing of the carer and the cared-for, and effects on other services that may otherwise have been needed.

The value is not just what was spent but the impact of what was done with that money.

Today, The Princess Royal Trust for Carers published a SROI analysis on five Carers’ Centres. It finds that for £5m invested per annum, the total value produced is at least £73m p/a. Carers maintain better health; the cared-for remains living at home; and young carers are more likely to end up in education, employment or training.

Based on this calculation, the total value produced by all 144 Carers’ Centres in the UK is £814m p/a, from just £57m worth of funding. Much of this is derived from the savings on health and social services created by Carers’ Centres helping carers maintain their own health and ability to care at home. But we are also talking about the value to people’s lives.

During the launch, after discussions about probabilities, financial costs and methodology, the real value of Carers’ Centre became clear when Jim got up to speak. He is a carer supported by Carers in Hertfordshire and told his story of caring for his wife.

We need to show the evidence of our work and how we use donations and public money to greatest effect. This report does this. But we must also remember that behind the figures are carers called Jim, or Karen, or Samuel, or James. Real people whose lives can be changed forever if we give them the support they need and deserve. The report shows that we do this to great effect given the funding. But we must be given the funding.

Take care


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