Campaigning is easy (when you have help!)

I’ve had this feeling lately that campaigning is really easy but then I’m getting a lot of help. I have had young adult carers creating campaigns and then I do the easy bit of getting the message out there to all the lovely people in contact with Carers Trust.

A young adult carer got in contact about her student group’s campaign for UCAS to change their application form. That way carers can identify themselves using a tick box. Carers Trust is getting the message out there and collecting signatures for the group’s petition. Continue reading


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Finding and staying in work – not an easy job

Finding a job is not easy for anyone. Once you’ve had a think about what you would like to do, completed various online personality tests on what job would suit you best and asked everyone you know what they think, you get to the task of actually searching for work. Then you have to decide where’s best to look – online, in newspapers, through friends and family, maybe contact a recruitment agency?

Amidst all of this you must start writing a CV, covering letters and completing application forms – and of course, all jobs are different and expect different things during the application process. Continue reading

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The big reveal

Last week a group of young carers and young adult carers spoke in the Houses of Parliament. They talked about a subject that had never been covered in this type of discussion. The subject is probably a really familiar one for anyone who works with young carers but it is not really known by the general public – the mental health of young carers. Continue reading

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Communicating mental health

Young adult carers are pretty fluent at talking about mental health. They refer to it in many ways when they talk about managing the different aspects of their life and supporting the person they care for. The language that they use is rich in emotions, concern and words such as stress, anxiety, depression, relief, isolation and connection. In discussions about campaigning and changing the support available for them and their families, my impression has been that the concept of mental health is a really important part of how they explain what needs to change. Continue reading

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Mapping support for young adult carers

People across the country have told their council that the identification of young adult carers is an important local issue. Hundreds of people have got involved in the Carers Trust On the Map e-action. Local citizens are contacting their council. This has got a great response from councils so that we can start to map what is happening across the UK to identify and support young adult carers. Continue reading

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Putting young adult carers On the Map

There are 375,000 young adult carers in the UK but how many get information about what is out there to support them?

The answer is we don’t know. No one collects the information. With your help Carers Trust is changing that and putting young adult carers On the Map. Continue reading

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